Abbess of the Monastery for 27 consecutive years, until her death, Blessed Mother Fasce gives everyone who meets her vision, balance, and her motherly charity which is never lacking for those who seek help, especially children and the many pilgrims who ask to meet her. Her strong maternal instinct leads her to found the Beehive of Saint Rita, project, to support children in need; and it guides her towards construction of the Basilica dedicated to the Saint, with the purpose of welcoming the pilgrims who come to the "hill of hope" from around the world, to entrust themselves to the Patron Saint of impossible cases.

She loves the Virgin Mary in a special way and emulates Saint Rita with passion. Like Rita, she shows herself to be a woman with a strong personality who, in order to follow Christ, is capable of going against the tide. She promotes reading, inviting everyone to learn in order to be able to act. Her trust in Providence never means "standing by and watching the action of God", but "doing by putting herself in His hands". A nun of action and prayer, just as St. Augustine teaches.

Another of her great teachings, which comes from the force of example, is to rebuild the monastery spiritually, creating a new climate within that is really suited to a life consecrated to God. Affectionate and, at the same time, demanding, the Mother manages to bring out the best that each single nun can give to the community and to God, each according to her own limits, in the belief that those who manage to emulate Jesus in the best way are the saints.

Faith never wavers in her, it is an anchor to which she clings firmly. Mother Fasce is not an exceptional person but one of us, who, despite all the obstacles of everyday life, is able to put into practice all the Christian virtues in order to be an example to all.