Maria Fasce, known as Marietta, was born in Torriglia (province of Genoa) on 27 December 1881. For her, the education she received from the Gianelline sisters is, perhaps, a distant foreshadowing of the future. Entering the monastery soon becomes her desire, but she must pray a lot, wait and suffer before clearly understanding the plan that God has chosen for her. When she understands it, there is no holding her back: her goal is the Monastery of Saint Rita, in that tiny town, lost in the heart of Umbria, which is called Cascia.

The Monastery of Saint Rita of Cascia welcomes her as a postulant, at the age of 25, on 6 June 1906. On Christmas Eve, in the bright and significant atmosphere of great solemnity, she offers her youth to the Lord, wearing the Augustinian habit, and the following year, in the same solemnity, sanctions her consecration with the religious vows.

From 1914 onwards, she is a Teacher of example and word to young novices. From 1917 to 1920, the trust of the sisters calls her to the role of mother Vicar. In 1920, by a unanimous vote, the sisters proclaim her Abbess, the position she holds until her death. Thus she becomes, by definition, "The Mother”.

For over twenty-five years, she bears, with great sacrifice, breast cancer, which she considered her greatest treasure, because it gives her the way to offer her life to God even more in suffering.

The disease causes her body exhausting suffering, but her spirit is always ready for action. She closes her eyes to earth, to open them to eternal life, on 18 January 1947.