The communities today

Today, the Augustinian Order is present in over 50 countries. Augustinian spirituality is encapsulated in the coat of arms: an open book is the backdrop to a flaming heart pierced by an arrow. The book is the Word of God, by which Augustine felt as if pierced by an arrow in the depths of his inner life: “You have wounded my heart with your Word”. This is the synthesis of Augustinian spirituality: the search for God, Truth and Love through the Word of God, in brotherly love, which makes of many one heart and one soul.
Today, there are two Augustinian communities in Cascia. .

In the Monastery of Saint Rita of Cascia, the Augustinian Nuns of contemplative life live according to the Rule and Spirituality of St. Augustine. The days are punctuated by prayer, work and study, trying to live the perfect life together, like the first community of the Apostles in Jerusalem (see Acts 4: 32-35).
Their apostolate is "evangelisation of the heart" through the pathways of interiority. To help man to find himself and his true freedom, namely: to approach God, whom we all want to meet from the bottom of our heart.
For young people who wish to share this path of Augustinian religious life, the cloistered clerics offer the possibility of dialogue and vocational recognition in the Parlatory and also the opportunity of sharing the experiences of monastic life. In addition, every year, during the summer, they offer a specific four-day vocational course to better understand God's plan for their lives, with the help of the Fathers.
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Monastery of Saint Rita,
Viale Santa Rita, 13 - 06043 Cascia (PG) Italia
Tel. + 39 0743 76221 - Fax + 39 0743 76786

Since 1993, the community has been living in the former Convent of Saint Clare (today: Convent of St. Augustine and Saint Rita), dating back to 1300 in the old part, but completely renovated. The monastery is also the home of many confessors of the Santuary,most of whom are not Italian.

Basilica of Saint Rita
Viale Santa Rita - 06043 Cascia (PG) Italia
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