«If Augustine were alive today, he would speak as he spoke a thousand and more years ago … because he really personifies a humanity that believes, that loves Christ and our beloved God. (Paul VI)». (Paolo VI)

Where do I come from? Where am I going? What is the meaning of my life? Am I free? Why does evil exist? Since time immemorial, we have posed questions that investigate existence. Like all men, even Augustine also seeks to answer these universal questions.

The period of Augustine resembles ours: times of transition and decline, those of the fourth and fifth centuries, coinciding with the decline of the Roman Empire. The culture that had given birth to great republican ideals and the Empire has disappeared. The new culture of decadence presents a "weakness of thought", incapable of making a mark on society and generate big projects.

St. Augustine can give you many suggestions. He himself put them into practice, experiencing with his own flesh what it costs to seek and find the truth.