Saint Augustine

Believers, so Saint Augustine tells us, “strengthen themselves by believing”. The saintly Bishop of Hippo had good reason to express himself in this way. As we know, his life was a continual search for the beauty of the faith until such time as his heart would find rest in God. His extensive writings, in which he explains the importance of believing and the truth of the faith, continue even now to form a heritage of incomparable riches, and they still help many people in search of God to find the right path towards the “door of faith”. (Benedict XVI, Ap. Lett. Porta Fidei, 7)

Defend the purity of the Catholic faith with passion and promote the Christian life, by creating and disseminating monasticism with enthusiasm. Fight effectively against Manichaeism, Donatism, Pelagianism and paganism, in defence of freedom, grace and the unity of the Church.
A born controversialist, Augustine knows how to combine intolerance of mistakes with love towards men. The art of his dialectic aims to convince more than to tear down, such is the respect he has for man. Never unilateral, “one of the secrets of the Augustinian genius is in this nature that encompasses the extremes, without indulging in one, but making them work together in a discovery that transcends them. Augustine is opposed to any unilateral excess. He is always for the whole truth; never for exaggeration, and even less for compromise” (Giovanni Papini).

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