Golden wedding anniversary on a pilgrimage

Dear friends of St. Rita, we would like to talk to you about the love of Maria Angela and Gianluigi Colombo from Venegono Inferiore in the province of Varese (Italy).

«In their life, in Rita’s style, they taught us and still teach us how the real values are the ones based on fidelity, love and attention to others».

These are the words of Silvana, one of the couple’s children. They have followed St. Rita’s way and brought their family with them. They reconfirmed their marriage vows in our Basilica on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary on September 16, 2011. 

«We do not know what they promised each another 50 years ago at the time of their first ‘yes’, but we are witnesses to how they always lived it fully under the guidance and example of shining beacons like Saint Rita. She herself was the protectress who in recent times of physical difficulty gave them the strength to overcome the obstacles and reach the goal they longed for. We ask her to continue through her presence to guarantee them the good health that allows them to live the years serenely which God still wants to give them both».

It is as if to say: love generates love. In the sign of Saint Rita, Maria Angela and Gianluigi live a life together in mutual respect and transmit their values and faith to their children and those who know them. 

This is really a beautiful way to celebrate 50 years of marriage! 

(Heading “On the right road” by Father Mario De Santis, Rector Saint Rita’s Basilica – From the Bees to the Roses no 1-2012)