Saint Rita of Cascia Foundation

A new flower of charity blossomed on 7 March 2012: the Saint Rita of Cascia Foundation non-profit organisation, a project made possible thanks to the vitality and participation of many people.

Promoted by the Monastery of Saint Rita of Cascia, the Foundation is an instrument totally at the service of social works, with the aim of continuously supporting solidarity projects that the nuns have always carried out, above all: the Beehive.

Through the Foundation, we can gain access to those instruments that will ensure the survival and maintenance of charitable works.

That is why this new organisation has fundamental importance for the Monastery, which thus hopes to continue on the path of concrete projects to support the weakest. This is a path that will see the participation of all, with the passion and belief that love for Saint Rita will guide.

The vision of the Saint Rita of Cascia Foundation non-profit organisation can be summarised as follows: human and social development based on dialogue, just as Rita teaches us. This is what we wish to see in the future and, to succeed, our mission will be to support projects that adhere to the needs of the weakest, promoting the reduction of social inequalities with the responsible and constructive participation of all actors involved.

For God, nothing is impossible. Thanks to the intercession of Saint Rita, each of us can act to be a petal of this flower of charity.

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