Blessed Mother Fasce

While today’s Beehive building was born in 1952, the project actually dates back to 1938, when Blessed Mother Teresa Fasce welcomed the first Little Bee – as the Mother affectionately called the girls – into the cloistered Monastery.

Known as "the Mother", and not just because she was Abbess of the Monastery of Saint Rita, Teresa Fasce is for many a sweet and strong point of reference.

It was she who gave it the name of Beehive of Saint Rita, in memory of the miracle of the white bees that involved a newly-born Saint Rita.

Everything started when Mother Fasce met a very poor woman and her child. The woman had made a pilgrimage to Cascia from Trisungo (Ascoli Piceno) to seek help from the Abbess because she was unable to take care of her daughter. After listening to the woman, Mother Teresa decided to welcome the child into the Monastery and look after her to help her grow. The gesture, unconventional to say the least for a cloistered Monastery, was only the first that Mother was to make, giving rise to the Beehive which, after Edda Petrucci (this was the name of the small girl), welcomed and supported another 14 Little Bees in just the first year of the project.

Although born as an orphanage, today the Beehive of Saint Rita also welcomes children who have parents (often they only have one), from difficult family situations. The nuns have made this choice in order to go some way towards meeting the needs of today's society.

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