The Beehive Today

More than 60 young people hosted;

16 operators;

21.852 meals distributed in a year.

Cared for by the Augustinian Nuns and qualified professionals willing to put their efforts at the nuns’ disposal, the children of the Beehive can set out on the path of growth toward a different future, with great opportunities.

The Beehive is a house full of love, as for the Little Bees, the girls who find a cosy place here but also a place for discussion and growing up from which to go out enriched, ready to face the world. It is a space open to all – the Wildflowers – in which to cultivate normal school-related activities and free time: from games to acting, from manual work to sport.

The Beehive of Saint Rita project ensures an adequate education for girls and boys (being followed in small groups after school), medical care and all the attention needed for growth.

Accompanying them step by step, even beyond the stay in the Beehive, is constant support for those Little Bees who express an interest in going to university. Aware of the importance of fun and entertainment in childhood and adolescence, in summer the Beehive’s young guests are also welcome in the house in Porto Recanati left by a benefactor.

Even though it does not receive public funding, the Beehive of Saint Rita is committed to ensuring that its children have all that they need for growing serenely and surrounded by love, preparing them for the challenges that await them outside.

To do this, it guarantees everyone, free of charge, those services made possible by many benefactors like you.

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