The School Today

There are 200 students between the ages of 3 and 14 attending the Blessed Mother Teresa Fasce School. Children who have nothing and who live thanks to the food, health care and education offered by the Augustinian nuns.

Since 1977, the missionaries have been working tirelessly in Ishiara for the benefit of the most vulnerable. Although they are cloistered nuns, they are directly involved in the education of the children, together with some teachers, doing an extraordinary job.

From the community of nuns in Ishiara, Sr. Espendita tells how the 200 children of the Blessed Mother Teresa Fasce School grow up healthy, receive adequate medical care and study hoping to have a better life when they are grown up.

The sisters are proceeding with the construction of new classrooms, in order to accommodate more children who could not otherwise study. The top floor of the school is almost finished. View the photos in the gallery

Your contribution has made possible the results achieved up to now! In this African village, diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria still reap many, many victims, but, together, with small steps, we can change things. "The universal mission involves everyone, everything and always," said Pope Benedict XVI. ”The Gospel is not an exclusive possession of those who have received it but a gift to be shared, good news to communicate."

Check out how to support the Blessed Mother Teresa Fasce School. A lot of little help will be invaluable for finishing the works and ensuring the safety of the existing structure!