Blessed Mother Teresa Fasce School

Ishiara is a small village in the countryside around the town of Embu, north-east of the capital, Nairobi. There, in the Blessed Mother Teresa Fasce School, the Augustinian Missionary Nuns help 200 children attending the school which is located in the Monastery, by providing them with education, food and all necessary care to build hope in the future.

In the Central African country of Kenya, half of the population lives on less than 80 cents a day. Over 17 million people live without clean water, food, health care, school and work. To survive, a child born in this country must fight against diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

For many children in Ishiara, the full meal provided by the Blessed Mother Teresa Fasce School is the only one of the day.

With a targeted intervention, the children can continue to study, to make sure of a tomorrow.