For more than 70 years, the Beehive of Saint Rita has been operating inside the Monastery of Saint Rita of Cascia: a home, school and family for children in difficulty that the nuns affectionately call "Little Bees". It is here that the children learn to study, grow and hope. This is where they build a future.

In your tax return, choose to allocate 5x1000 of income tax to the non-profit Saint Rita of Cascia Foundation.

Simply SIGN in the box reserved for "support of non-profit organisations of social utility..." and WRITE the tax code of the Saint Rita of Cascia Foundation non-profit organisation: 93022960541.

By choosing to donate the 5x1000 to the non-profit Saint Rita of Cascia Foundation, at no cost to yourself, you also help a child of the Beehive to become an adult.

The 5x1000 campaign is only valid for those who submit their tax return in Italy.