Welcomed in a foreign country

Maria (not her real name, ed.) is nine years old when she enters the Beehive of Saint Rita of Cascia. She comes to Italy from a faraway country, along with her mother who cannot look after her young daughter because of work shifts. So the mother decides to ask for the hospitality of the Beehive for her daughter, who becomes a Little Bee.

Thanks to the work of the educators, who give her a proper education and loving care, Maria manages to learn Italian, overcoming the difficulties of cultural and religious diversity. With great satisfaction, the girl graduates from junior secondary school!

And not only that: in the Beehive, she acquires full understanding of herself, and this has enabled her to face life in all parts of the world. Today, Maria is a young woman who lives in England, with her entire family - mum, dad and siblings - and, nostalgically, she remember the places she has left and the attention she received. This is a story, like many others, common to the Beehive. And that's why, every day, we support the families and girls in overcoming the difficulties that immigrants face when they reach their new home.


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