A Wildflower with big brown eyes

Agostino (not his real name ed.) comes to the Beehive, as part of the Wildflower project, at the age of seven. He is a tiny child, blond, with big brown eyes. He lost his father little less than a year earlier, and his family is not well-off.

Agostino is alert and intelligent, but very sad: he says that his father is never talked about in the family. His biggest enemy is food: he eats hardly anything, and when he tries, he never finishes. Eating is a chore for him, in spite of the care he receives, and so he does not grow.

With kindness and patience, feeding him like a baby bird, he gradually overcomes this refusal to eat in the years that follow. From year to year, he also improves in his studies, gaining self-confidence.

He leaves the Beehive at the age of 10 years, with vitality in his eyes. Now he 17 and, this year again, he has got through the school year with very good marks, he has grown up, is self-confident and has not lost its sweetness. He always remembers the Beehive and its teachers, whom he loves and with whom, from time to time, goes out to eat a pizza, along with his companions, sons of his same experience in the Beehive, to meet and recall the moments, sometimes difficult but nevertheless joyful, of their childhood.


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