The Silence of Teresa

Teresa (not her real name, ed.) is a girl of Latin America origins who enters the Beehive project when she is six years old, accompanied by her mother. She knows nothing about her father.

At the beginning, here story is confused with many grey areas. She is a smart little girl and does well at school, but she does not speak, and if she says a few words it is only with certain people, who are always the same, and always with a whisper. It is very difficult to communicate with her. With her companions she is always smiling, taking part in games; she also puts an effort into studying and obtains excellent results. But only in writing. Everyone around her, from educators to the other children, behave with her as if her problem does not exist, everything proceeds normally without anything becoming a problem. The wait is long, but gradually her attitude begins to change; slowly, slowly she appears more free, more open, beginning with her posture which is no longer "closed in" on herself.

One day, a game starts between educators and children ... the game of "Chinese whispers"; she takes part willingly like the others and, from time to time, begins to speak and express herself with everyone, without distinction, until that whisper of hers has taken off and she is freed of her chains.

Thanks to the Beehiveā€™s benefactors, Teresa is now a joyful girl with many friends, she likes school and gets good results in both written and oral exams.


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