Let's play in the Snow!

In these early days of February, Cascia and its surroundings are covered in snow, turning all angles of nature and every corner of our town white. And even the monastery was a wonder to see! Schools are closed for several days. On this occasion, almost all of us remained in the Beehive because it was difficult to get back home, and so we had great fun playing in the snow and making a big snowman. We also took many photos to remember that beautiful day. They were unforgettable moments because we were together in joy and light-heartedness.

This is the story of a snowy day in the winter of 2012, seen through the eyes of Mirela, a Little Bee from the Beehive of Saint Rita. Mirela, along with 24 other girls, lives in Beehive throughout the year and goes back home for the school holidays. In this way, the Beehive provides a home, adequate education and the necessary medical care for young people living in difficult situations. The Little Bees, as they were called by Blessed Mother Fasce, come from all over the world and live in the Beehive, free of charge, thanks to the generosity of many benefactors. The joy in the words of Mirela is a way of saying thank you.


Support the girls of the Beehive of Saint Rita with a donation, no matter how small. It will be valuable for their future. A heartfelt thank you.