A trip to the Stables

The friendship between the Playhorse Farm company in Alviano (Terni), and the Beehive of Saint Rita, started in October 2011, when Playhorse organised a charity dinner for the Beehive during the "That's a show!” horse show. Over time, the affection that the Playhorse team has shown for the Little Bees has become stronger and, on May 11, the little girls were guests of the stables to spend a day surrounded by the beauty of nature.

On May 11, thanks to the availability of Playhorse Farm run by Simone Sed, we were guests of the company in Alviano. We were able to go to the stables of Playhorse, but Simone had first planned an excursion for us immersed in one of the most beautiful oases of the WWF, the oasis which surrounds Lake Alviano. After two and a half hours of travel, we reached the Oasis and there we were able to admire various species of birds. The guide explained that the animals need this place for their survival. With binoculars, each of us was able to admire them in their natural habitat. Following a trail through the woods, the guide explained the characteristics of the land and the trees. That experience was very educational as well as fun because many of us love animals.

After finishing the first leg of our excursion, we went to Playhorse where, first of all, we had lunch as we followed the competitions. Some of us are particularly fond of horses and, therefore, this experience raised great emotion. We went to the stables to pet the horses, in particular Nancy - a brown pony that this year has also won two awards - and this moment was very special for the younger children, some of whom, having never seen a live horse, could not wait to stroke the ponies and horses! Next, we had the opportunity to visit the sixteenth century castle of Alviano, where one of the most important families of the town had lived. Inside the castle, besides its beautiful frescoes, we could also admire period artefacts and a small church dedicated to St. Francis.

The Little Bees


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