Litte bees under exams...

In these days in June, our Beehive is particularly quiet because only those of us in the final year of junior secondary remain and we are preparing for the exams with the help of our teachers. This silence makes us feel the loss of our friends - who, lucky them, are already on holiday! - but, at the same time, it allows us to concentrate more on our school obligations.

We are living a moment of complete cooperation, each of us willing to help a companion in difficulty with some subject. This strengthens our friendship and working together is also a lot of fun.
We feel very united, we are all very excited but at the same time worried about facing the exams every day.

In our hearts, though, there's also a hint of melancholy; in fact, only a few of us will find ourselves together again in the Beehive next year, others will take flight and return home or to their native country.

We are sure that this experience will always keep us close, because the memory of those days lived in the friendship, fun and serenity of the Beehive home that welcomed us will remain with each one of us.

The Little Bees

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