Together, we can be reborn


Message from the Abbess of the Monastery of Saint Rita of Cascia after the earthquake

Many people are living the hard way the consequences of the devastation brought about by the incessant tremors in central Italy.

The massive earthquake of October 30 caused serious damage to the people of Cascia, and damage to the Monastery and the Basilica of Saint Rita. In these days of difficulty and great commitment by everyone, we do not yet know the extent of the damage but, as a precautionary measure, both the Monastery and the Basilica will remain closed until technical experts have established the viability of the structures.

Not being able to remain in the Monastery and to protect the elder sisters and those with health problems, much of the community moved today outside Umbria, to another monastery which has kindly offered us hospitality. Despite this difficult decision, in order to continue providing support and comfort to those in the area who need it, some sisters will remain here in Cascia, at the house of the Augustinian Fathers – the Convent of St. Augustine and Saint Rita – which is considered safer because it suffered no damage. We entrust ourselves to the Lord and, with the most assiduous prayer, we invoke the intercession of Saint Rita for all those who are suffering.

The Beehive of Saint Rita reception home was also damaged and has been closed for greater safety of the girls we hosted and who have returned to their families. These girls, already tested by life, now find themselves living in conditions of great discomfort, fear and anxiety, because many of them have been displaced with their families. We continue to follow them and let them know that we are close to them, giving them our support, with the help of the Beehive staff who are  putting heart and soul into the effort.

Our dear Saint Rita is known by all as the saint of impossible cases. So Rita is giving us strength by reminding us that nothing is impossible for God; if we place our trust in Him, everything becomes possible. In our small way, along with the Augustinian fathers, we are working to continue giving comfort to all those people who are suffering, so that they can find, we can find together the strength to be reborn, to rebuild ourselves and rebuild taking the path of love and solidarity.

Sr. M. Natalina Todeschini, Abbess of the Monastery of Saint Rita of Cascia

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