Prayer of thanksgiving to Saint Rita

This is recited at the end of the procession dedicated to Saint Rita, after having returned to the Basilica.

Brothers and sisters of the Christian community of Cascia, devotees of Saint Rita present here, we conclude the procession in honour of our saint with a prayer of praise and thanksgiving to Almighty God, who is wonderful in his saints.

Let us pray together and say: WE GIVE YOU THANKS, O LORD.

1. For countless crowds who come to Cascia to venerate the saint of the impossible, relying on her powerful intercession. Let us pray.

2. For giving us in Saint Rita a shining example of a Christian wife and mother. Let us pray

3. For showing us through the Saint of Cascia the healing power of forgiveness. Let us pray

4. For the strength and patience that you pour into hearts through the heroic example of the Saint of the Thorn. Let us pray

5. For the comfort and peace that you give to so many widows and orphans and the sick by means of the Saint of the Rose. Let us pray

6. For the protection given in the name of Saint Rita to our children, our homes and our activities. Let us pray

7. For the priests who have worked throughout the year in our Sanctuary at the service of the faithful. Let us pray.

8. For the Augustinian nuns who at the monastery of Saint Rita offer and pray for the Church and for the world. Let us pray.

9. For the great generosity of the devotees of Saint Rita in helping all the works of the sanctuary of Cascia. Let us pray.

10. For all the graces and benefits granted by God through the merits and the intercession of the precious Pearl of Umbria. Let us pray.

We thank you, Lord, because you have given us the gift of the spiritual beauty of Saint Rita of Cascia. Grant that through her all may know that You alone are the recompense of the humble, the defence of the abandoned and the strength of all those who trust in you. Through Christ our Lord.

The relic of Saint Rita is incensed.


We bless you and give you thanks, O God of infinite providence,
for the great signs of your love
bestowed over the centuries on the human generations
who have built this our common home.
You have placed in Christ, your Son,
the cornerstone uniting all men
and the cornerstone from which every structure derives stability and consistency.
Look with favour upon the land of Saint Rita:
you know the story of our past joys and sorrows,
the joys and anxieties of the present moment,
projects and hopes for the future.
Let us never be lacking your help, O Father:
protect the homes, families,
schools, shops, places of hospitality and assistance
and every area of ??life and work.
Surround with your love the citizens residing here or emigrated to other regions.
Let there not be cut off in the new generations the faith handed down from our fathers;
may there stay alive and coherent the sense of honesty and generosity,
industrious harmony, attention to the young, the elderly and the suffering,
the openness to humanity that in every part of the world is suffering, struggling and hoping
for a future of justice and peace.
May there intercede for us the Virgin Mary,
Saints Peter and Paul, Saint Rita, Blessed Simon, Blessed Maria Teresa Fasce,
and all the witnesses of the Gospel whose names are written in the book of life.
May your face shine, O Lord,
on the community of faith and on civil society,
and may your blessing be with us in the journey of time towards the future homeland.
Through Christ our Advocate and Mediator,
who ascends next to you in glory,
and who lives and reigns for ever and ever.


And may the blessing of almighty God and Father, Son and Holy Spirit be upon you and remain with you always.


Final song.