Prayer to Saint Rita of 22 May

In the name of the Father and the Son
and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

O lofty wonderworker of the Catholic world, o
glorious St. Rita of Cascia, how beautifully there arises to you
from our heart, the prayer in this day,
dedicated by the Church, to your solemnity.

In this solemn hour in which, thousands and thousands of hearts,
turn to you trusting and full of holy hope
in your celestial protection, I, too, join
my humble prayer so that from the most Sacred Heart
of Jesus, by the merits of his Immaculate
Mother, you may obtain for me the grace of which I have need.

O great Saint of the Church of God, it is
not possible that my confidence, in your patronage,
will be disappointed! Are you not the one whom the people call
the Saint of the impossible, the Advocate of
desperate cases? And I find myself in just so many
unfortunate conditions due to my sins! You will
not want to turn your gaze from me: your
heart will not remained closed to me; indeed, I am
sure that I will experience your powerful intercession.
I understand, that I am unworthy on account of
my sins; well, your celestial
charity will shine, and your great love, obtain for me the
salvation of my soul.

O good Saint Rita, hear my vows, listen to
my cries, dry my tears, and I too
will proclaim to the world, that he who wants grace and
asks it of God, by means of Saint Rita of
Cascia, will surely be heard.

In this day of glory, in which the common
trust in your patronage is revived and
increases, I pray to you to obtain from God the blessing
that I implore for myself, on those present, on the
Vicar of Jesus Christ, on the Catholic
Episcopate and Priesthood, on all the religious men and
women, who form the elect progeny of the
great St. Augustine, on the benefactors of your
Monastery of Cascia, on the promoters of your cult, on the
infirm, on the poor, on the derelict, on sinners,
on all and also on the holy Souls of

O Saint Rita, most lovable Spouse of
Jesus Crucified, from whom you received the gift of one of the thorns of
his most holy crown, in this day of
your triumph, help me and may your protection
never diminish in life and at the moment of
my death. Amen.

Three Our Fathers, Hail Marys and Glory bes.

D) You marked o Lord, Your servant Rita.

R) With the seal of your charity and your passion.



O God, who deigned to give St. Rita so much
grace to love her enemies, and to carry in her
heart and on her forehead the signs of your charity and
passion, by her intercession and her merits,
we pray you to grant us to forgive our
enemies, and to meditate on the pains of your passion
so that we may obtain the prize promised to the
meek and those who weep. Amen.