Prayer of supplication to Saint Rita

Always, O Lord, we your faithful have recourse to you to praise, thank and beg of you, but especially celebrating your saints we feel drawn to your temple and your altar to draw from it the help that can only come from you.

Embrace today with fatherly affection all of us who with joy and confidence have recourse to thee in this celebration in honour of Saint Rita by whose goodness we feel drawn and protected.

Lord, you know that her example, her sublime virtues and her powerful intercession lead us to imitate her, to fervour and to grace. You also know how we are slow to believe in your great love for us and how easily we fail to witness to you with our love and our gratitude. Behold our extreme poverty on which we ask your goodness and mercy!

May we be supported and encouraged by the sanctity of your faithful servants and our caring brothers and sisters who have shown us the way of holiness. Now we place before you their intercession because they, as they were on earth, have always shown themselves from heaven to be sensitive and attentive to the needs of the weak and suffering: may they accept our petitions to present them to you.

We want to pray

for all believers who form your holy Church
So that they may be faithful to the Gospel, united in the bond of brotherhood, obedient to the Magisterium of the shepherds;

for vocations to the priesthood and religious life
So that young people will welcome the call to serve Christ and their brethren with generosity and zeal;

for families
So that they may live the sanctity of marriage;

for young people
So that they may be educated in the school of faith, truth and justice;

for those who work in the apostolate
So that they be granted the gift of the Holy Spirit to be worthy servants of your word;

for those far from the faith and morals
So that they be helped to recognize error and follow the truth;

for the sick and suffering in body and spirit
So that they may unite their sufferings with those of Christ and find solace in your goodness and in the help of their brethren;

for workers
So that they may enrich with Christian experience the struggles of everyday life;

for spouses expecting children
So that you may give them the consolation of a happy parenthood;

for children
So that they are kept in their innocence and grow up healthy, and in grace;

for the elderly
So that they may not suffer loneliness and abandonment;

for the dying
So that they may be comforted by Christian certainty;

for all the deceased
So that they may obtain complete purification by the sacrifice of Christ and the prayers of the good.

O Saint Rita,
we would like to have your faith, your hope and your charity
to present more worthily our prayers.

We trust that you in this moment are joining us in making our petition more effective.

O Heavenly Father, moved by the Holy Spirit in us that cries out to you, with a living faith and sincere humility, we ask you to answer our prayers through the intercession of St. Rita and the infinite merits of Jesus Christ our Lord.