Feast of Saint Rita

On May 22, in Cascia, we celebrate together with our beloved Santa Rita.
It is a celebration of the people who, throughout the month of May, hasten to the shrine of Cascia from every corner of the world to participate in the events dedicated to Rita, stand beside the urn of the Saint and find understanding, recollection and listening that each of us needs.


May 6 -a Day of Family Vocation
In memory of Rita's family life, lived with Christian simplicity and hard work, many families take part in the festival, receiving the gift of a souvenir parchment and a rose.

May 12-20 - Novena
Nine days in preparation for the celebration of May 22. At the end of every celebration in the Basilica, the faithful can approach the silver and crystal urn that holds the body of Rita.

May 19 - Procession of the Banner
Established by the Municipality of Cascia in 1731 to thank the then-Blessed Rita for her protection of the city during earthquakes. The seventeenth century banner carried in procession depicts the entry of Rita into the Augustinian monastery and the Saint in the act of receiving the stigmata.

MAY 20
Presentation of Saint Rita International Recognition Award . Each year, an important personality from the information media presents the women who have won the Award to the community; the Award goes to the women of today who are “bearers of Rita’s message in the world”.
MAY 21
Saint Rita International Recognition Award. The women protagonists of the prestigious recognition receive a parchment attesting to their work as women of Rita who have distinguished themselves, by having contributed to bringing dialogue and peace to our day. The Saint Rita International Recognition Award was established in 1988 by the Municipality of Cascia to highlight the fact that even today there are people who live the values ??of forgiveness, peace, solidarity, devotion, faith and love already embodied by the humble woman of Roccaporena, Cascia.

Passing of Saint Rita..The liturgical ceremony of the Passing recalls the death of Rita: the moment in which the suffering of the woman turns into peace and her name became part of history.
Torch. Every year, Cascia relives the tradition of the evening in which many rushed to the monastery to accompany Rita on her return to the Father. Thousands of lit flames create a unique spectacle, while an athlete reaches the Basilica square with the torch. The torch is then handed over to the representative of the town twinned with Cascia, who lights the votive tripod.
MAY 22
Historical Parade.This is the re-enactment in costume of the life of Rita and the people of her time. Each pilgrim seems to identify with one of the figures that represent Rita, in the role of daughter, wife, mother, widow and nun, but also the people of Rita, the common people, the same as flood every year the arcades, alleys and squares of Cascia.
Pontifical.Solemn liturgical celebration in honour of Saint Rita.
Blessing of the Roses. At the end of the Pontifical, the numerous pilgrims present raise roses towards heaven, as if to gather as much grace as ??possible from the blessing by the celebrant, in order to share it with their families and loved ones on their return home.

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