The Message

Saint Rita has handed down her message without ever writing anything, but using the concrete example made up of everyday life with respect for the other and for creation.

The testimonies of miracles that occurred through her intercession are so numerous that she has been declared by people of faith the “saint of impossible cases” (or saint of the impossible), insofar as, just as Rita taught us, if you place trust in God, anything can happen. This small, great woman has left traces of numerous miraculous, both in life and after death.

Healings that seem inexplicable. Thousands of testimonies of graces received arrive each year at the monastery.

A woman of dialogue and reconciliation, Saint Rita addresses everyone: Christians throughout the world, but also people who have a religious faith other than Christian.

The way that Saint Rita suggests is made of humility, sacrifice, listening to others and the search for dialogue. It is not easy, but it is the only way that brings us closer to God and makes everything possible.

Her example of simplicity and faith in God reaches you, today, over and above time and space, to remind you that peace is achieved only by building it on dialogue.