Saint Rita International Recognition Award

The award was set up in 1988 by the Municipality and Monastery of Cascia. Of its kind, it is one of the most prestigious international recognitions..

The purpose of the Saint Rita International Recognition Award is to show the world the work of women who live according to those values that characterise the existence of Rita: forgiveness and love. They are women of Rita. Women who have distinguished themselves by the force of forgiveness and by having lived with a mission their engagement in defence of the dignity of rights and duties of man.

International and interdenominational. The Recognition is awarded on May 22, the feast of Saint Rita, to women of all ages, conditions, countries and creeds. In fact, the award criteria are not necessarily based on religious aspects of the Rita model, but also on ethical and social aspects. Because the message of Rita is timeless, as well as the model of holiness that we want to pursue.

Anno 2014 Elisabetta Parmegiani

Elisabetta pardoned and prayed for Francesco Tuccia, the young man who raped her daughter Carla and left her dying outside a discotheque in Pizzoli (L’Aquila).

Anno 2014 Mariella Cantamessa

She forgave the man who ran over and killed her daughter Eleonora, a 44-year-old doctor, while she was busy on the roadside helping a young man who had been stabbed, in Chiuduno (Bergamo).

Anno 2014 Maria Teresa Caviglia e Ruggero Badano

Parents of the Blessed Chiara Luce, Maria Teresa and Ruggero (from Sassello, Savona) accompanied their daughter in the painful ordeal that ended with her death as the result of a bone tumour.

Anno 2014 Anna Maria Brizzi

She lives in Collestatte, Terni, facing life with determination, without her husband, who died of pulmonary fibrosis, and with all the difficulties of having an autistic child.