Rita The Daughter

The real name of our Saint is Margherita Lotti, daughter of Antonio Lotti and Amata Ferri.
Margherita was born in Roccaporena, a small village 5 km from Cascia, in 1371, although some believe the date to be 1381. The two hypotheses are: birth in 1371 or 1381, death in 1447 or 1457 respectively.

In an atmosphere of fragile calm, Antonio and Amata play the role of “peacemakers”. Rita's parents are especially esteemed and statutes of the free municipality of Cascia entrust them with the arduous task of pacifying rivals or at least avoiding bloody massacres between families in conflict.

Rita's family is not noble, but nevertheless well-off. As peacemakers her parents certainly enjoy a certain social, moral and economic prestige. Rita is baptised in the Augustinian church of St. John the Baptist at the top of the hill of Cascia. In fact, at that time, St. Mary’s was located outside the town walls while records show that the baptismal font was in the church of St. John the Baptist, located in the heart of the town (near the church of St. Peter, Cascia’s mother church).

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The only education that Rita can have is that of the Augustinians: from them, she learns devotion to her patron saints Augustine, John the Baptist and Nicholas of Tolentino (who, in Rita’s days is still only Blessed).