Rita The Wife and Mother

As for many girls, the time also comes for the young Rita to start a family. The name of the young man who falls in love with her, and which she reciprocates, is Paolo di Ferdinando di Mancino. He is not a violent young man, as described by some, but a resentful Ghibelline and nothing more. Rita, therefore does not "tame" Paolo at all, rather she helps him to live with a truer Christian approach . This will be the fruit of unconditional and mutual love illuminated by divine blessing.

The Lord blesses the love of the young couple with the grace of two children, probably twins or born in quick succession: Giangiacomo and Paolo Maria.

The birth of the two children definitely requires more appropriate and responsible behaviour from Paolo, a former man-at-arms, but also a home. It is probably at this time that the Mancino family moves to the "Mulinaccio" (owned by Paolo), where they have a larger home and the ability to run a grain grinding activity directly and responsibly.