Saint Rita in the World


With her message of dialogue and peace, Saint Rita reaches everywhere. She is one of the most beloved Saints in the world.

Check out the countries that bear witness to popular devotion to the patron saint of impossible cases. Click on the country that interests you.

If, like us, you love Saint Rita and want to tell us about the popular devotion that involves your community, please describe how you celebrate the feast of the Saint or share other actions in her honour with us, send your article with photos to:



Italy - Castelvetrano

For years, the parish community of the Church of St. Mary of Health has cultivated worship and a very special devotion for the figure of Saint Rita and Augustinian spirituality, in line with the ge... Read More

Italy - Pattada

The parish of Pattada had a beautiful tapestry made by Lucia Vargas, as a testimony of the entire community‚Äôs devotion to the Saint, blessed by the fathers of the Saint Rita of Cascia Sanctuary. ... Read More

Italy - Turin

The family dimension of worship. Don Lello Birolo, parish priest of the Sanctuary-Saint Rita Parish in Turin, is interviewed by Roger Bergonzoli The Sanctuary of Santa Rita in Turin has a p... Read More

United Kingdom

United Kingdom - Honiton

A rose dedicated to her. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” (William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet) At St. Rita’s Center in Honiton, we have our “offici... Read More


Romania - Chiheru de Jos

For the Feast of the Assumption on 15 August 2011, many pilgrims gathered in prayer in Chiheru de Jos (Transylvania) to venerate the relic of Saint Rita from the Monastery in Cascia. ... Read More


Spain - Monachil

The Art of Devotion in Monachil. In Spain, there are many places where devotion to St. Rita is flourishing. The place where it may be present the most is Monachil, a town near Granada at the fo... Read More