Rita The Widow

Paolo di Ferdinando di Mancino was murdered near the "Mulinaccio", where he had moved with Rita and their two children. Tradition places the incident around 1406.
Rita finds out, rushes to his side but only in time to catch the death rattle of her husband and hastens to hide the bloodied shirt so that her sons, on seeing it, do not end up brooding revenge.

Rita’s heart forgives and she never reveals the name of the assassins, even though this gesture is to cost her resentment of her murdered husband's family: the Mancinos.

Closed in her forgiveness, an even greater fear afflicts her: that her sons could become the victims or protagonists of the spiral of hate that has been triggered. . This explains the prayers to God that they do not stain themselves with similar atrocities and distance themselves from the desire to avenge their father. The two young men, Giangiacomo and Paolo Maria, die young, one after the other, , probably due to the plague or some other illness.

Left on her own, between around 1406 and 1407, Rita comes closer to the suffering Christ. According to tradition, her climbs to the top of Rock of Roccaporena probably date back to this time.