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At the top of facade, above the cross supported by six angels, towers the year in which the works are completed, carved in Roman letters: A.D. MCMXLIII (1943).

On the lintel above the front door you can see the engraved greeting in honour of the saint: Salve Rita vas amoris, sponsa Christi dolorosa / tu de spinis Salvatoris pulchra nasceris ut rosa (Hail Rita, vessel of love, dolorous bride of Christ / you, from the thorns of the Saviour, are born as beautiful as a rose).

Framing the entrance, ten bas-reliefs made by the skilled hands of Eros Pellini immortalise the significant episodes in the life of Rita: (looking from top to left) Rita with the bees; Rita teaches her sons to pray; death of her husband; entrance to the monastery; test of obedience; Sister Rita gives bread to the poor; Rita receives the stigmata; pilgrimage to Rome; the roses and figs in winter; the passing.

On the left side of the facade, behind the bronze gate, you can see the portal of the old church of Blessed Rita (1577), where the body of the saint was venerated in the past.