Entrace Apse

The fresco of the adoration of the cross is by Brescian Silvio Consadori, who completed it in 1956. Below it, there is a large inscription in Latin: "Si exaltatus fuero a terra omnia traham ad me ipsum”. When I am raised up from the earth, I will draw to me every creature.

All the characters in procession, as in a Good Friday liturgy, going to pay homage to the cross, the instrument of our salvation. To the left of the large cross, the artist's self-portrait with green coat and red book in his hand can be seen.

The triumphal arch contains depictions of: the prayer of Jesus in Gethsemane with the sleeping apostles and the return of the women from Calvary; the grief of the characters is reproduced very realistically. The area of the women’s gallery has representations by Consadori of episodes from the life of Jesus; from the left: flight into Egypt, at the age of 12 in the temple, baptism in the Jordan, flagellation at the column, falling under the cross in the presence of the mother. Here, the precision of drawing and the classical nature of the forms are very praiseworthy.

The side altars of St. Lucia and St. Joseph with the baby Jesus, are respectively by Consadori and by Vincenzi Cesarino, who also painted the St. Augustine on the vault of the sacristy. The stained glass windows are by Armando Marrocco.