Apse of Saint Rita

Roman artist Ferruccio Ferrazzi imagines that a magnificent view opens up over the roofs of Cascia, contemplated by a shepherd guarding the flock (left of the observer). At the centre of the vision is Christ the judge, sitting on a throne with a glowing cross behind him; at his feet, Saint Rita gently rests her head on the knee of the Saviour.

Humble and confident, she intercedes for grace and mercy for her devotees. All around, a host of angels swirls in a beautiful play of light and colour. To the right of the observer, the rock of Roccaporena with Rita as a child in the clouds, a gift of heaven to our earth.

The triumphal arch shows two episodes from Rita’s life: Rita heals from the stigmata on her forehead; Rita as pilgrim to Rome for the Holy Year in 1450 at the feet of Pope Nicholas V. In the area of the women’s gallery are the theological and cardinal virtues.

On the right, against the wall, there is a small picture of Our Lady of Good Counsel (XVIII century) and the parchment of the decree by which Pio XII elevated the church to basilica on 1 August 1955.