Chapel of Saint Rita

Behind the large wrought iron lattice you can see the chapel of Saint Rita, in neo-Byzantine style.

The urn of 1930 containing the body of Saint Rita was placed here on 18 May 1947. On the marble base, Eros Pellini has carved Saint Rita dispenser of graces; the votive lamp in bronze, a gift of the municipality of Cascia in 1981, is the work of Artemio Giovagnoni from Perugia. Represented by four angels on the four outer sides of the ark that contains the urn are the cardinal virtues: temperance, courage, justice, prudence (courage, the Angel with shield and sword, and temperance, the Angel with jug and cup, are visible from outside the fortress). On the arch, a phrase in Latin is legible: "Posuisti in capite eius coronam" (He has placed the crown on his head).

The chapel friezes, the columns of the ex-votos in niches, the lamps that hang from the arches and the soft light that enters from above, give a sensation of mysticism and preciousness.

Along the walls, it is possible to admire seven valuable canvases by Giovan Battista Galizzi of Bergamo. Starting from the left: the birth of Saint Rita and the bees, Rita and her sons before the crucifix, entry into the monastery, test of obedience, stigmatisation, pilgrimage to Rome, passing of Saint Rita.