The Basilica

«Great pilgrimages! Priests and faithful every day! Here it is always a feast day». These are the words of Blessed Mother Teresa Fasce, back in 1926, during construction of the "new temple", which is the present-day Basilica of Saint Rita in Cascia.

Built with the offerings of benefactors, even the smallest, the Basilica of Saint Rita is a project that Blessed Mother Fasce wants strongly in order to accommodate devotees of the Saint of impossible cases in the town. She knows just how beloved this Saint can be, and pilgrims flock in their millions.

The original project by Msgr. Spirito Chiapetta was subsequently modified by Giuseppe Calori and Giuseppe Martinenghi. On 20 June 1937, Cardinal Enrico Gasparri laid the first stone. Just ten years later, on 18 May 1947, the church is consecrated. Elevation to Basilica takes place on 1 August 1955 by Pius XII.