Oratory of the Crucifix

Across the staircase you come to the Oratory of the Crucifix, where tradition has it that Saint Rita received the stigmata on her forehead. Unfortunately, at the time of Napoleon, between 1810 and 1815, it was used as a home. The marble statue by A. Biggi is from 1957. This place and this image recall the central fact of life and spirituality according to Rita.

The year is 1432. One day while at prayer, perhaps mindful of the preaching on the Passion of Christ ??by Friar James of the Marches in 1425 in the church of Saint Mary and, more importantly, trained in Augustinian spirituality centred on Christ’s love for humanity (which finds its highest form of expression in the Passion), she asks the Lord to make her part of his sufferings. We do not know what happened in that moment, a light, a flash, a thorn detached from the Crucifix penetrates her forehead and soul.