The Sacrament of Forgiveness is celebrated in the Penitentiary. Here, pilgrims can always find priests to receive the Sacrament of Confession in the most common languages.

Unique in its originality, the Penitentiary is indicated by theological and pastoral experts as a successful model of renewal of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The structure consists of a path of catechesis and conversion, with the aid of works of art and audio-visual projections.

Inaugurated on 10 May 1986 to celebrate the sixteenth centenary of the conversion of St. Augustine, the Penitentiary was designed by architects R. Scrimger, F. Genco and M. Caproni.

Puglian artist Armando Marrocco has created various works of art and also studied the colour tones of the different rooms.

The Penitentiary is only open during peak times, but you can ask the Augustinian fathers to visit it.