Places of interest

In addition to the Sanctuary of Saint Rita, Cascia offers other sites with great artistic and cultural interest.

Among the places of spirituality, not to be missed is the church of St. Francis, a monumental example of Gothic architecture characterised by a beautiful rose window and an arched doorway.

Worth visiting is also the church of St. Anthony the Great, the result of a restructuring in the Baroque era that changed the original configuration dating from the XV century. The interior houses the fresco cycle dedicated to St. Nicholas of Tolentino.

Not to be missed is the famous Collegiate Church of St. Mary: one of the oldest churches in the town, attributable to the Lombard period (XII century), which conserves a significant heritage of paintings and religious ornaments.

Going up the hill, you reach the church of St. Augustine, built in 1059 and enlarged in 1380, decorated with frescoes of the Umbrian and Perugian school which are held in the Gothic frame of the structure.

Another gem of Cascia’s heritage is Palazzo Santi, which dates back to the XVI century. Located in the oldest part of the town, the building houses the Civic Museum, dominated by the Art Gallery, whose collection, all from churches and stately homes in the town and territory, includes panels and canvases from different periods, as well as mediaeval and Renaissance wooden sculptures, not to mention the rare liturgical vestments on display.

Palazzo Carli, on the other hand, represents best the civil architectural style of the town; here is where the archives are kept and, during opening hours, you can visit the library.